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Rosemary Age:6

Rosemary 6.jpg

This is Rosemary Athumani but everyone calls her Pili.

She was born Nov 22, 2014. The reason she and her sister are at COKO is because her father died, and her mother cannot take care of her and her baby sister. They were all living with the grandparents, but they are very old and cannot help out anymore.

She says that COKO is a nice place, and she really likes being there and loves the staff already.

She loves samaki (fish),nyama (meat)rice (mchele)beans( maharagwe)and koo koo(chicken)

Her favorite drink is maziwa(milk) and juice.

She loves studying and playing all kinds of games. She would like to be a teacher.

Say hello to Pili everyone!!!

In the video below she is saying Hi Friends!!!

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