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May Spot-lite 


We started last month spotlighting one COKO child a month and May’s child is Benson who is 5 and was born on July 29th 2014
His father abandoned him before he was born and he had been living with his grandparents and his mother who is unemployed and can no longer take care of him.

When he first came to COKO he stated that he wanted to go home all the time but then later settled in and now never mentions going back.
He loves the staff, the rest of the children and is very happy at COKO.

His favorite food are ugali(maize flour porridge) nyama(meat) curried mchele (rice) Samaki(fish, koo koo (chicken) and mboga (vegetables)
His favorite drinks are maziwa(milk, juice and soda.

Benson loves studying, playing football and knows he already wants to be a Doctor!!! WTG Benson

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