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3 Ways to Support Our Orphanage.


at our center

Interested in coming to Tanzania to volunteer with us ? We would love to have you!!  We are located in Moshi Tanzania in the beautiful foothills of Mt Kilimanjaro. Our children range in age from 2 years old up to 9 years old......



Feel secure in knowing your helping a needy child. Your donation will go a long way to providing a place to live, safe from harm and with a secure feel.


Click the Donate / PayPal link above.  You will be directed to our donation page. It is 100% secure and you will be able to make your generous gift donation there.


To our newsletter

If you are interested in following our children's activities and progress you can subscribe to our monthly news letter that will be emailed you.

Thanks for submitting!

We want all our donors to feel comfortable in knowing what you give goes to the care of the children.
We will strive to make sure they are safe, well fed, have a secure and comfortable home and well educated... 
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