Our Mission

Learn about us and why we are so passionate about our orphanage.

We Care, We Love, and We Protect.

The actual seed for COKO was first planted in the minds of founders Jay Rowe and Babu Msuya in 2017 that one day they would start their own orphanage. Babu was actually the first person Jay met on his first visit to Tanzania and a strong friendship was formed then and continues with Children Of Kilimanjaro Orphanage.

Babu, a retired school teacher who also runs the Moshi Leper project comes from a lifetime of public service and helping others in need.

Both Babu and Jay wanted a place where all the money brought in went to the orphanage and the children. Not the pockets of the people running it.

They believe that all kids deserve a chance to attend school, get proper medical care, attend religious services all in a safe, clean, and loving environment.

COKO gives all this and so much more and really is one big family made up of the children, the staff, and all the people supporting the orphanage.