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Sponsor A Child

Looking for a great activity that you can do with your family and bring smiles to all involved?

We have tentatively have sponsors for all our children.

If any of our children become available we will

update this page.

Sponsor one of our children and have weekly video calls and emails.

Sponsorship cost is $50/month and a percentage of this amount will go towards their future college tuition which is about $4,000 for 4 years. By the time the children are ready for college they will have the funds to attend.

Want to buy your child clothes $5.00, shoes $3.00, a book bag $6.50, a birthday cake for 28 kids $8.00 or even a full scale birthday party with food, drink and cakes for all of COKO for $75.00. The sky is the limit as to what you could do to change their lives.

Simply ask Janeth our chief matron or Beatrice our social worker who will be with your child during your video call what the cost is for what you want to purchase for them and then just donate that amount on our website and your next video call your child will have what you purchased to show you. At all times you will know where your money is going.

Each child will have only 1 sponsor and we ask for a minimum 6 month commitment.

The longer you are communicating with your child the closer you will all become. We are hoping to have long term commitments as your child will become very much attached to you and your family. A 1 year commitment gets you free room and board at COKO should you decide to come visit Africa and meet your child.

We have 11 girls and 17 boys so please contact us, to sponsor or to learn more. We have spent a lot of time with all our children and can give you a great idea of their individual personalities.

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